Toilet Rolls

Toilet Rolls
Toilet Tissue Roll is a roll of soft tissue paper used in toilet (also referred as washroom / restroom / lavatory) for hygienic reasons and is easily disposable. In this modern era, the utility of toilet rolls has been continuously increasing due to its wide application not only in corporate world but also in domestic places. Toilet roll has become a necessity and is required everywhere, be it a Restaurant, Hotel, Commercial Office, School, College, Shopping Mall, Hospital or a Domestic Apartment.

We are the suppliers and dealers of best quality toilet paper rolls manufactured by using soft fabric and anti-bacterial materials. We have a wide variety of toilet paper rolls like Colourful Toilet Papers, Jumbo Toilet Papers, Printed Toilet Papers, Deluxe Toilet Papers and these can be easily used in the toilet tissue paper dispensers. Our varieties also includes Coloured Toilet Papers, Scented Toilet Papers and Imprinted Toilet Papers which has a special layer of wax to decrease the coarseness. The toilet tissue rolls supplied by us are easy to dispose as they are easily soluble in water which avoids blockages.

We are known to provide the best worthy deal in this industry not only in domestic market but also in international market. Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong, USA, Norway, UK, Australia, Taiwan, Iran, etc. Are some of the major countries from Europe and Asia whom we are known to export our toilet paper rolls.
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Toilet Tissue Rolls Specification

Series Details Packing
TR 50 Gms 2 ply, Soft & Highly Absorbent 250 rolls/crtn
TR 100 Gms 2 ply, Soft & Highly Absorbent 100 rolls/crtn
TR 150 Gms - Regualr 2 ply, Soft & Highly Absorbent 75 rolls/crtn
TR 150 Gms - Virgin 2 ply, Soft & Highly Absorbent 75 rolls/crtn

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Toilet Roll  Tissue Manufacturers

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