Paper Napkins: Simple to Use, Easy To Dispose!


Paper napkins have become an inevitable part of every household and are badly missed when their stock gets over. An easy to use product, it is a must have item in the list of cleaning supplies for every home, office, restaurant or any other place.

How did they become popular in the first place?

Paper napkins became a household name in the USA around the nineteen fifties and today their use has spread all over the globe including India. They were put to best use first by the restaurant industry which found them very convenient as compared to the cloth napkins. The pain of sending the cloth napkins day in and day out to the laundry and counting them in the inventory was eliminated. Moreover, the possibility of handing the guest a napkin with a leftover stain or worst still, a used napkin was avoided.

At home, they become handy items when you realize that your entire stock of cloth napkins are still to be washed with just a few minutes left for your weekly bridge party. They are also more convenient for post party clean-ups. No messing around with cloth pieces to make your kitchen and dining table spick and span after a successful party.

Why are they still so popular today?

Paper napkins are an indispensable item in today’s times; more so with the hectic and fast paced lifestyles of today’s working couples. Partying or socializing at home is packed into their tight schedules and then the paper napkin becomes a top priority item in cleaning and clearing the mess thereafter. It holds sway over every household mainly because of:

• Hygiene considerations
• Cost-effectiveness
• No maintenance
• Disposable nature
• Easy handling

It is essential to buy them in packets which contain specific number of napkins, at one go. However, when guests gather at home then they are required in large quantities as they serve several purposes.

Innovations in this field

Technological strides in this field led to the invention of the paper napkin dispenser and beautiful weights to prevent the contents from getting blown out of the dispenser boxes. In recent times, you have napkins which come with a slight sticky surface so that they remain on to your laps. Various Paper Napkin manufacturers offer customized napkins which have printed on them the dates and names of the commemorative occasions you may specify. The personal touch lent to the napkin makes the occasion truly memorable.

Today’s napkins come in various shapes, sizes and colour too to suit the requirements of each occasion. Colourful patterns are available,, some have holiday designs printed on them; these are ideal for a holiday celebration or cook-outs. Some of the napkins closely resemble fine cloth and they can be used for classy dinners. Black cocktail napkins lend a touch of chic and style to dinner parties, receptions, cocktail parties or corporate gatherings. They also add a touch of glamour to the dinner table arrangement as they can be folded into fancy shapes.

The incidence of use of the paper napkin is seen more in Mumbai than the smaller cities. Each manufacturer here pays more attention in bringing out creative variations of this product. Truly, there is nothing to beat this versatile product.