Why Tissue Papers are preferred over Handkerchiefs?


Tissue paper is of varied kinds and among them facial tissues form an important part and could be found in every woman’s purse. Facial tissues have been popular for a long time and today there are various brands which produce soft and smooth tissues such that they have become preferred substitutes to a handkerchief.

Origin of use

Facial tissues became ultra popular in the early twenties when they were primarily advertised for easy removal of makeup from a woman’s face. Many Hollywood starlets were used to advertise their ease of use and effectiveness. It was definitely convenient as it replaced the need for cloth towels or heavy handkerchiefs to cleanse the layers of makeup on the woman’s face.

Later on, the manufacturers realized that they were also popularly used for blowing noses during times of cold. The advertising focus shifted and they were promoted for reducing a sore nose in cases of colds and softer versions of these began to be manufactured. In India, too, you get such soft tissues that they feel like silk on to your face.

Why are they popularly used today?

A facial tissue is a very handy item in a woman’s life as it serves multiple purposes like using for patting off excess makeup, absorbing droplets of sweat on the face and refreshing her face with the wet wipes which are available today. Who has the time nowadays to maintain a handkerchief? Keeping a handkerchief handy and then washing it, ironing it for next use becomes an extra household chore and this is quite difficult for the time-bound working woman.

Germ prevention is another issue which has made tissue papers a must have item in every public restroom, medical clinics or hotel rooms. Ensuring the availability of tissue dispensers at such places helps in preventing the spread of germs from individual to individual. They come in varied sizes and can be ordered in bulk so as to be cost-effective.

Use of handkerchiefs is decreasing

Handkerchief has become a rare item to be held in any woman’s palm as it used to be in earlier times. Tissues are more convenient and hygienic. It is indeed troublesome to buy a handkerchief to cater for all days of the week and store them properly after they are washed and laundered. Most often than not, being small items, they are likely to be misplaced or forgotten to be removed from a woman’s purse or from a man’s trouser pocket.

Instead, it is wise to adopt tissues which are a one-time use and throw away item; you can even fold them well and carry them with you. Moreover, this is a biodegradable product and their disposal does not become an ecological issue. The greatest benefit obtained from the use of tissues is during times of a bad cold when certain brands of tissues offer soft, non-abrasive products which contain lotion that helps to mitigate skin irritation. It brings a lot of relief to the much harassed individual.

Hence, each tissue paper manufacturer in Mumbai tries his best to offer great quality products to the customer.