Applications of Wet Tissue Paper


Wet Tissue Papers
Wet tissue papers are very useful and you can use them for several purposes. These can help you remain fresh as well as clean and also maintain the right hygiene. In the following sections let us delve into few of the primary applications these are put to use.

Top Five Applications of Wet Tissue Papers

1)  These have very good hygienic properties such as the ones with antibacterial compounds. Such medicated wet tissues are very helpful in circumstances where it is necessary to maintain proper cleanliness as well as hygiene.

2) Such tissues are offered in a varied range, helping consumers choose one as per their need. Like for instance you can get ones for those people with sensitive skin to ones which are free from alcohol or fragrance to those which contain baby oil. Thus these can be used right from cleaning purposes for babies to adult with specific skin conditions.

3) These also find their application while people are traveling on a hot summer afternoon. You can achieve a relaxing feeling in addition to proper cleaning of your face and other exposed body parts by using these tissues.

4) Another good thing about them is that they are very light weight and thus people can take them anywhere they go, whether it is daily travel to office or a vacation trip.

Normally wet tissues are 10-30 gsm in weight while in comparison paper napkins are around 100 gsm, which clearly tells how easy it is to carry them along.

5) Since they are quite soft and have antibacterial properties, these find their use for sanitary purposes for babies and small kids. They are gentle on the skin and which is why considered to be the first preference for such sanitary applications for babies.

Apart from being useful with many different applications, these are also good for the environment. As for example, when manufactured with the help of recycled material, these prove to quite beneficial for the environment since manufacture of recycle paper takes about forty percent less energy as compared to energy required for producing virgin paper.